Thai Massage

The Massage Business in Thailand

No matter where you live you most likely see plenty of massage parlors and spas. They are a common occurrence in most countries. But if you were to visit Thailand the word massage takes on a whole other meaning.

If you were to walk along the streets of the city of Phuket you would notice rows and rows of chairs lining the sidewalks. These chairs are accompanied by footstools and this is where hundreds of tourists take a foot massage. Thai women bend over to provide the massage but this is only one of the types of massages offered in Thailand.

The art of foot massage is also known as reflexology and has roots which go back hundreds of years. It has origins in China where the Chinese believed that areas of the feet where connected to specific body parts and organs.

Today people enjoy a foot massage in Thailand for many reasons. Their feet are tired after a long day of work or standing. Tourists are tired from walking and shopping all day and a good foot massage is a way to relax afterwards.

Most Thai women perform a foot massage using massage oils and these oils also help your body to de-stress. If you have never tried a foot massage then you really should, the benefits are wonderful and it helps to lift your mood.

In Phuket you will also notice lots of straw mats in various locations. These could also be on the sidewalks, at the hair dressers or in a local beauty spa. Straw mats are used for performing the traditional Thai Massage method.

This type of massage involves the use of pressure and is done while you are still wearing your clothes, loose clothing is recommended. It is not uncommon for the Thai woman to walk on your back or use her entire arm for additional pressure.

A Thai Massage is a unique experience and if you are planning on visiting Thailand then put this on your wish list. If you visit the beaches in Thailand you will also notice many people setting themselves up and offering massages.

Many of these beach type massages offer other beauty related treatments as well. This can be a wonderful experience while enjoying the sun and beautiful views of a Thai beach.

Of course you will find both higher and lower end types of massages available in Thailand. If you stay in a luxury hotel they will no doubt offer massages at a much higher price. Or, if you prefer, you can find local women offering massages in various locations around the city.