Thai Massage

If you have never had a Thai massage or any type of massage for that matter then this article will provide you with a heads up of what to expect. Of course this may differ depending upon where your massage is taking place. If you are in Thailand and experiencing your massage there, it may be different to having a Thai massage in your homeland.

Prior to booking your appointment you may want to make a note about asking for a male or female therapist if this is something that may bother you.

Most massage parlors will require you to fill out some type of intake form. This is quite similar to the kind of form you fill out when you visit a new doctor or dentist. It is important to fill this out correctly as it can provide your masseuse with vital information. This is especially true if you are seeking a massage due to a medical or health issue.

When it is time for your appointment you will be taken to a room where you can change into comfortable clothing. Remember when having a Thai massage you do not get undressed unless you specifically want to. It is best to wear or take loose clothing for your Thai massage.

Once ready you will lay on the massage table or mat with your face pointing downwards. A traditional Thai massage is completely non-sexual and if you feel uncomfortable at any point you can stop the massage session.

The masseuse or therapist will now begin your massage. For a Thai massage they begin by cleaning your feet and applying some pressure on your foot and ankle area. Once each ankle is done they will move onto your leg area. The therapist will work your muscles, joints and tendons. If you have any issues such as a knee problem this will be worked on carefully.

With a traditional Thai massage no type of cream or oils are used. After massaging your legs your therapist will follow your energy lines, which are referred to as your Zen. This is accomplished by kneading your back, neck and shoulder area.

As this area is worked on you will be placed into different positions, almost as though you were taking a yoga class. Once your therapist is finished working on your back area you will be turned over, so they can work on your front area.

In total you will receive a wonderful and beneficial total body massage that incorporates stretching and pushing along with the traditional massage aspects.

A Thai massage provides wonderful results and you will really feel a difference in your body. You may even feel like a new person!