Thai Massage

As you know there are various types of massages available. These vary depending upon where in the world you are located. One thing you may have not thought about is having an animal with you in the massage parlour!

This is exactly what happened in one parlour in Bali recently. They introduced massages with snakes and customers are enjoying their sessions. The massage is stimulating due to the person’s fear of snakes and to the snake slithering on their backs. The combination of both of these things triggers your metabolism into high gear!

This spa in Bali is using pythons and while they are not a poisonous snake, they do like to constrict their prey until it can no longer breathe. Pythons can be anywhere from 50 centimeters long to 3 meters long.

The owners of this spa feed their pythons 30 minutes before the massage session starts. Apparently the spa is not short of customers who are booking python massages either. This type of massage will cost you about $100 though and if you are looking for a fear experience this might be cheaper than other methods such as parachuting or bungee jumping.

There has been no official research conducted into the benefits of using a python during a massage. It seems that it does increase your adrenaline which can be associated with metabolic processes in your body. Some of these processes include releasing lactic acid from your muscles and helping lipids to breakdown.

It is possibly safe to say that this type of massage gives a certain group of people a type of psychological release.  A type of release where your adrenaline levels go really high so that once the massage is finished the person feels a huge sense of relief.

At the moment animal massage is not set to be something that becomes popular worldwide. If you happen to be in Bali you may want to check this out, if you consider yourself to be a thrill seeker.

If not you may prefer to stay within the confines of regular massage techniques. These are the more traditional methods such as Swedish Massage and Thai Massage. Both of these types of massage have been used for lengthy periods of time with good results.

As with any type of massage if you have a particular health or joint issue you may want to discuss this when you book your appointment so it can be taken into consideration. While you will feel a massage, the massage should not become extremely painful at any point in time. Unless of course you are taking a python massage!