Thai Massage

If you have ever had a massage you may have been concerned about getting a male or female therapist. This is actually a common concern especially for people booking their first massage session.

For men the concern is usually whether or not a woman masseuse is strong enough to apply enough pressure. Plus they sometimes feel that if they ask for a man they may be thought of as gay. Then there is the attraction factor, what if the female is really attractive and they get aroused, this could be embarrassing.

For women the concern may be about having a male touch their body. While other concerns are about having a man see their stretch marks or what if they forget to shave?

Sometimes the choice of choosing a male or female therapist comes down to a religious choice. Orthodox Jews restrict physical contact between people of the opposite sex who are not related to them by blood or marriage. Islam actually forbids a man to touch a woman who is not part of his family.

Your decision is going to have to based upon what you feel comfortable with. Many women actually do prefer to have another woman massage them. A trend today is for women to get together with a group of their friends and have a group massage together. They spend this time socializing and often request that a female masseuse is used.

Another reason that gender comes into action is related to the strength factor. If you are having a massage due to a health issue or because of an injury, you may require a deeper massage. It is well known that men are stronger and can apply more pressure and for this reason a male masseuser is often requested.

In some countries women traditionally seem to perform more of the massages and this is very true in Thailand. In fact if you have ever experienced a Thai massage you know that they can be felt deeply within your body. Plus women in Thailand perform this traditional massage method extremely well. You may be surprised at how strong some of these women can be. So strength can be a skill that is mastered with experience.

What often happens with many clients is that after they become accustomed to going for a massage, they don’t worry about whether the therapist is male or female. They become comfortable with getting undressed and being wrapped in only a towel and enjoy the treatment and don’t worry too much about the person performing the massage.

If you are new to massages just choose what you feel comfortable with at first. As time progresses you too may find that your preference becomes neutral – unless of course it is a breast enlargement massage or something very specific like that!

NOTE: When getting a Thai massage, you will get asked to put on specifically designed loose clothes. Your private parts never get directly touched by the masseuse.