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Why You Need A Massage After Workout

Many people don’t understand the importance of a massage after a workout. Just a few minutes of a massage can greatly improve the rebound time after having gone through a training session.

After you’ve done your training, you’re going to be sore for a day or so. However, if you opt for a massage, even just a 10 minute massage, you may find that you’re not nearly as sore as you thought you would be.

Your muscles need some recovery and by massaging them you’re going to get that recovery much more quickly. A good massage will help the muscles to recover by working on some specific gens that are located in each of the muscle cells.

One of these genes is in charge of inflammation and when you give it a good massage you’re reducing any inflammation drastically. As a result, you’re not going to require as much, if any, pain medication for your sore muscles.

Get a Massage Right after Working Out!

The other gene is in charge of mitochondria. This muscle gene uses up a lot of oxygen and breaks down various products that you eat and converts them to energy. When your muscles have endured a workout, the mitochondria will increase and the massage will encourage your muscles to produce the right amount.

Thus, the soreness in your muscles is reduced and you’re going to need less in pain medications and you can continue about your daily business without the sore muscles and the inflammation that you normally get after a workout.

“Your muscles will heal faster and grow more normally if you just take a few minutes to enjoy that massage. Massage doesn’t decrease the lactic acid which is often taken for post workouts” says Nelson Gomez¬†.

Professional athletes know well the benefits of massage and many of them visit a massage therapist on a regular basis. Check any locker room after a professional game and you’ll find several massage therapists working on the athletes.

Consider all of the movies you’ve watched that show a massage therapist giving an athlete a massage. Why? Because that is really what happens. The athletes know well the benefits of massage and so do the trainers and the coaches.

Therefore they take the time to get that massage and are much less sore the next day. In just 10 short minutes, the massage can undo all of the pain and inflammation that is caused by the sports event or the workout.

Those 10 minutes are medical marvels and when you consider all the pain and inflammation that the person working out endures, you’re talking about a great healer in lieu of pain medications or anti inflammatories.

Everyone who works out can greatly benefit from a short 10 minute massage. It may make the difference between walking normally the next day and having muscles that are so sore you can barely walk. Don’t worry about others who are laughing that you’re a wimp, if a professional athlete gets a massage, you should too. Let them laugh, they’ll be the ones sore the next day and then you can laugh.