Thai Massage

Thai Massage has a long history that dates back 2500 years. Shivaga Komparpai is believed to be the founder of this practice and he was a doctor in Thailand. Thailand has a wonderful history and culture and is associated with various medical practices. As Buddhism began to spread outwards from India the healing properties of massage became known.

The practices of Thai massage have been passed down with no written documentation. This allows each area of Thailand to develop its own unique method of Thai Massage. One of the main teaching areas in Thailand is in the area of Wat Po in Bangkok.

Thai massage is often referred to as the backbone of physical treatments in Thailand today. You may have seen this type of treatment being performed by practitioners who physically walk on their patients back and use their own legs and feet to apply pressure to different areas.

The main benefit of Thai massage is derived from the use of direct pressure onto different muscle areas of the body. This is done in conjunction with pulling and stretching of the body’s joints and ligaments and is often compared to yoga poses and stretches.

Thai Massage affects the different systems in your body in the following ways:

Circulatory System – helps to improve your blood circulation, will lower your heart rate, reduces swelling and increases your lymphatic circulation.

Musculoskeletal System – improves your overall muscle strength. Helps to relieve muscle tension and increases your joint mobility and will help reduce stiffness in your muscles. Another benefit is that of helping to remove toxins from your muscle mass.

Nervous System – massage will help stimulate and improve your nerves and the sensations associated with them helping to reduce pain. The function of your internal organs will be improved.

Respiratory System – helps to relax your lungs and improves your breathing.

Digestive System – improves your digestive tract and stomach movement and this will help with relieving indigestion.

While a Thai massage is a great therapy treatment there are some circumstances when it is not recommended. If you have an open wound or infectious disease you should refrain from taking a massage. The same applies to anyone who has just undergone surgery along with pregnant women unless your doctor authorizes it.  If you have any type of bruising or suffer from inflamed skin conditions then you should not go for a massage.

There are many places in Thailand that offer a wide variety of massages from the traditional to the more modern where you remove your clothing.  Read this article to see what a traditional Thai Massage entails. 

Thai Massage

Phuket is a thriving tourist attraction in Thailand attracting thousands of visitors each year. One of the draws for this area is the many beauty parlors offering various massages at really affordable prices.

Thailand is well known for its massage techniques and especially the use of the traditional Thai massage. This form of massage differs from the regular form of massage that most Westerners have come to know.

A Thai massage is performed whilst you are wearing loose and comfortable clothes. You lie on a firm mat on the floor and not on a massage table. The actual massage is performed using your pressure points and by the practitioner moving you into certain positions. Many of which are similar to yoga poses.

You will certainly get your monies worth with a Thai massage as you can expect a massage to last almost two hours. You will feel totally relaxed, refreshed and energized after your session.

The best Thai massages are performed by those with more experience and you will see many women acting as the practitioner. As we mentioned the traditional Thai massage allows you to keep your clothes on. Today there are some beauty parlors and spas that will perform this type of massage while being partially clad. So if being unclothed is not your first choice, then check with the establishments clothing rules.

A full blown Thai massage may seem a little unorthodox to some. It can include the practitioner walking on your back and using their own legs and feet to add pressure onto your body. Many times it also includes cracking your finger and toe joints, having your head massaged and other types of positioning that may seem a little painful to you. Remember you can always ask for the amount of pressure to be reduced and to only target certain areas of your body.

If you have any type of health issue let your practitioner know. They can possibly help your condition by asserting more pressure on different areas of your body.

While the traditional form of Thai massage does not use any oils it is still possible to get this type of massage while in Phuket.  Another extremely popular massage found in this area is the foot massage. While walking the streets you will notice many lazy boy types of chairs set up ready and waiting for you. The foot massage is done by using corresponding pressure points in your feet and this helps relax many areas of your body.

While visiting Phuket you will notice various types of places offering massages and most will be very reasonably priced, especially when compared to North American and European massage prices.  Always check the establishment out first as some do offer more than just massage services!

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