Thai Massage

If you have never had a Thai massage or any type of massage for that matter then this article will provide you with a heads up of what to expect. Of course this may differ depending upon where your massage is taking place. If you are in Thailand and experiencing your massage there, it may be different to having a Thai massage in your homeland.

Prior to booking your appointment you may want to make a note about asking for a male or female therapist if this is something that may bother you.

Most massage parlors will require you to fill out some type of intake form. This is quite similar to the kind of form you fill out when you visit a new doctor or dentist. It is important to fill this out correctly as it can provide your masseuse with vital information. This is especially true if you are seeking a massage due to a medical or health issue.

When it is time for your appointment you will be taken to a room where you can change into comfortable clothing. Remember when having a Thai massage you do not get undressed unless you specifically want to. It is best to wear or take loose clothing for your Thai massage.

Once ready you will lay on the massage table or mat with your face pointing downwards. A traditional Thai massage is completely non-sexual and if you feel uncomfortable at any point you can stop the massage session.

The masseuse or therapist will now begin your massage. For a Thai massage they begin by cleaning your feet and applying some pressure on your foot and ankle area. Once each ankle is done they will move onto your leg area. The therapist will work your muscles, joints and tendons. If you have any issues such as a knee problem this will be worked on carefully.

With a traditional Thai massage no type of cream or oils are used. After massaging your legs your therapist will follow your energy lines, which are referred to as your Zen. This is accomplished by kneading your back, neck and shoulder area.

As this area is worked on you will be placed into different positions, almost as though you were taking a yoga class. Once your therapist is finished working on your back area you will be turned over, so they can work on your front area.

In total you will receive a wonderful and beneficial total body massage that incorporates stretching and pushing along with the traditional massage aspects.

A Thai massage provides wonderful results and you will really feel a difference in your body. You may even feel like a new person!

Natural Therapy

While massage therapy does fall under the holistic healing category, there are many other techniques that can also be categorized in that way. Some you may or may not have heard of.

Holistic healing includes many types of different practices which promote a proactive approach to health and wellness, all by using natural healing methods.

Some of these techniques include massage therapy, aromatherapy, bodywork, somatics and other self care techniques. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy works on the soft tissues of your body. A massage therapist will normally focus on your muscles. They may also work on your tendons, ligaments and fascia. Your fascia are your connective tissues and by massaging them a therapist can help release built up tension in your body.

There are many types of  massage therapy including hot therapy, Thai massage and others. Also included in this group are techniques such as reflexology and Rolfing. Basically any techniques that includes moving or massaging your body to encourage changes can be classified as massage therapy.


Essential oils have been used for centuries to help improve skin conditions and to just make a person feel and smell great. It is possible to make your own homemade essential oils and aromatherapy products. When buying essential oils look for products that do not contain any chemicals or ingredients that could be toxic.

At home you would most likely use aromatherapy oils in your bath tub to help you relax. They can also be massaged into your skin by your partner.

Manage massage clinics offer essential oil massages which you may or may not want to take advantage of. These oils can leave your skin feel fresh and your body and mind feeling renewed.


Somatics is different to a massage as your are actively involved with the trained practitioner. It is done by hands on movement with your hands being on the practitioner’s hands. Somatics can help you feel more aware of your body. It has been shown to help improve your nervous system and can help with chronic pain.

Self Care for Healing

Under this category you will find a huge variety of different topics when it comes to holistic healing techniques. This includes various exercise to help improve your body as well as bringing back your mobility. You will find self care for dealing with issues such as stress, menopause, weight loss and more.

This should now provide you with a basic overview of what practices and techniques are considered to be holistic healing techniques.


Thai Massage

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word ‘massage’? Most people envision themselves laying face down on a large table waiting for someone to massage them with their hands. In anticipation you don’t know whether you may laugh at being touched or whether you will be able to feel relaxed and enjoy the massage.

The majority of massages involve having your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments manipulated in some way. This is normally done by a person’s hands but other techniques can be involved depending upon the type of massage.

A huge problem for people today is that of stress. Everyone leads such busy lives that stress creeps into almost every aspect of it. Your job can leave you stressed out, you don’t have enough time for your family, let alone trying to find time for yourself.

One of the best de-stressors is going for a massage. Plus a massage has other health related benefits as well.  Knotted muscles are a big problem for numerous people and going for a regular massage can help to eliminate or lessen the pain associated with these knotted muscles.

Massage therapy has also been known to help relieve tension headaches, improves circulation and joint mobility. They can also help you sleep better at night. Other benefits include helping with depression, reducing your blood pressure and boosting your immunity.

While the act of having a beauty massage is a physical one the benefits are related to your mental status. When a person is relaxed you can think more clearly and make better decisions. You will notice that a massage leaves you feeling refreshed and energetic. You can sleep better at night and this allows you to wake up in the morning, ready to face the day.

There are various forms of massage including Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

Making time in your schedule for a beauty massage is not always easy, but you should make the effort to do so. While you may be busy with kids sports games, work, family gatherings and more, you still need to have some downtime.

Try going for a massage during your lunch hour if possible. Or make an appointment directly after work. This way you don’t have to go home and then go out again. Remember that taking time out for ‘you’ is important not just for your own peace of mind but for your family. If you are more relaxed and less stressed out you will be a better parent and a better spouse.

The benefits of a beauty massage are more than just skin deep!

Thai Massage

As you know there are various types of massages available. These vary depending upon where in the world you are located. One thing you may have not thought about is having an animal with you in the massage parlour!

This is exactly what happened in one parlour in Bali recently. They introduced massages with snakes and customers are enjoying their sessions. The massage is stimulating due to the person’s fear of snakes and to the snake slithering on their backs. The combination of both of these things triggers your metabolism into high gear!

This spa in Bali is using pythons and while they are not a poisonous snake, they do like to constrict their prey until it can no longer breathe. Pythons can be anywhere from 50 centimeters long to 3 meters long.

The owners of this spa feed their pythons 30 minutes before the massage session starts. Apparently the spa is not short of customers who are booking python massages either. This type of massage will cost you about $100 though and if you are looking for a fear experience this might be cheaper than other methods such as parachuting or bungee jumping.

There has been no official research conducted into the benefits of using a python during a massage. It seems that it does increase your adrenaline which can be associated with metabolic processes in your body. Some of these processes include releasing lactic acid from your muscles and helping lipids to breakdown.

It is possibly safe to say that this type of massage gives a certain group of people a type of psychological release.  A type of release where your adrenaline levels go really high so that once the massage is finished the person feels a huge sense of relief.

At the moment animal massage is not set to be something that becomes popular worldwide. If you happen to be in Bali you may want to check this out, if you consider yourself to be a thrill seeker.

If not you may prefer to stay within the confines of regular massage techniques. These are the more traditional methods such as Swedish Massage and Thai Massage. Both of these types of massage have been used for lengthy periods of time with good results.

As with any type of massage if you have a particular health or joint issue you may want to discuss this when you book your appointment so it can be taken into consideration. While you will feel a massage, the massage should not become extremely painful at any point in time. Unless of course you are taking a python massage!

Thai Massage

No one denies that a good massage makes you feel relaxed and refreshed but are there any true health benefits to a massage? Scientists have performed research on this topic and to date there are no known reasons why a massage makes you feel great, it just does.

Massage therapy actually dates back thousands of years and can be found in many cultures. Ancient writings from Japan, China and India depict massage therapy. It was first introduced into the United States around the 1850’s after two physicians had studied massage therapy in Sweden.

Uses of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy has many different purposes. It can be used to help relieve pain, as a stress reducer, to help with sports injuries, helps people deal with stress and depression as well as for overall relaxation and general health.

Taking a massage is extremely popular, in 2007 a National Health Survey was conducted in the U.S. The results showed that 18 million adults and 700,000 children had received some form of massage therapy in the preceding year.

Types of Massage Therapy

There are many different types of massage therapy and variations of each one. One of the most popular types is the Swedish Massage. In this method of massage the therapist uses long sweeping strokes to apply pressure. They also use techniques such as kneading, tapping, vibration and the use of deep circular movements.

Other types include deep tissue massage, hot massage, trigger points massage and Thai massage. Thai massage is increasing in popularity in the Western hemisphere. This method makes use of the use of different poses and the therapist will often use their feet as well as their arms and hands to perform the massage.

Therapeutic massages often include the use of essential oils which help you to relax more deeply whilst enjoying the massage. Lavender is often used in these types of massages.

Main Benefits of Massage Therapy

As we mentioned earlier scientific evidence for the benefits of massage is extremely limited. But there are good signs which indicate that massage therapy does indeed offer benefits to people.

Going for a one time massage session can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate. Going for multiple massage sessions over a regular period of time can help with reducing anxiety, panic attacks, depression and alleviate pain.

Clinical trials have shown that massage therapy can be useful for people dealing with the pain of cancer. It can help those people who have chronic back and neck pain and for overall general well being.

It is not exactly known how this works but the theory behind it is as follows. Massage seems to stimulate those senses that send pain signals to your brain. It is thought that the release of certain chemicals such as serotonin or endorphins in your body is responsible for making these changes happen. It is not possible to draw any conclusions at this time and further study is necessary to test out and substantiate these theories.

Thai Massage

If you have ever had a massage you may have been concerned about getting a male or female therapist. This is actually a common concern especially for people booking their first massage session.

For men the concern is usually whether or not a woman masseuse is strong enough to apply enough pressure. Plus they sometimes feel that if they ask for a man they may be thought of as gay. Then there is the attraction factor, what if the female is really attractive and they get aroused, this could be embarrassing.

For women the concern may be about having a male touch their body. While other concerns are about having a man see their stretch marks or what if they forget to shave?

Sometimes the choice of choosing a male or female therapist comes down to a religious choice. Orthodox Jews restrict physical contact between people of the opposite sex who are not related to them by blood or marriage. Islam actually forbids a man to touch a woman who is not part of his family.

Your decision is going to have to based upon what you feel comfortable with. Many women actually do prefer to have another woman massage them. A trend today is for women to get together with a group of their friends and have a group massage together. They spend this time socializing and often request that a female masseuse is used.

Another reason that gender comes into action is related to the strength factor. If you are having a massage due to a health issue or because of an injury, you may require a deeper massage. It is well known that men are stronger and can apply more pressure and for this reason a male masseuser is often requested.

In some countries women traditionally seem to perform more of the massages and this is very true in Thailand. In fact if you have ever experienced a Thai massage you know that they can be felt deeply within your body. Plus women in Thailand perform this traditional massage method extremely well. You may be surprised at how strong some of these women can be. So strength can be a skill that is mastered with experience.

What often happens with many clients is that after they become accustomed to going for a massage, they don’t worry about whether the therapist is male or female. They become comfortable with getting undressed and being wrapped in only a towel and enjoy the treatment and don’t worry too much about the person performing the massage.

If you are new to massages just choose what you feel comfortable with at first. As time progresses you too may find that your preference becomes neutral – unless of course it is a breast enlargement massage or something very specific like that!

NOTE: When getting a Thai massage, you will get asked to put on specifically designed loose clothes. Your private parts never get directly touched by the masseuse.

Natural Therapy

Many people don’t understand the importance of a massage after a workout. Just a few minutes of a massage can greatly improve the rebound time after having gone through a training session.

After you’ve done your training, you’re going to be sore for a day or so. However, if you opt for a massage, even just a 10 minute massage, you may find that you’re not nearly as sore as you thought you would be.

Your muscles need some recovery and by massaging them you’re going to get that recovery much more quickly. A good massage will help the muscles to recover by working on some specific gens that are located in each of the muscle cells.

One of these genes is in charge of inflammation and when you give it a good massage you’re reducing any inflammation drastically. As a result, you’re not going to require as much, if any, pain medication for your sore muscles.

Get a Massage Right after Working Out!

The other gene is in charge of mitochondria. This muscle gene uses up a lot of oxygen and breaks down various products that you eat and converts them to energy. When your muscles have endured a workout, the mitochondria will increase and the massage will encourage your muscles to produce the right amount.

Thus, the soreness in your muscles is reduced and you’re going to need less in pain medications and you can continue about your daily business without the sore muscles and the inflammation that you normally get after a workout.

“Your muscles will heal faster and grow more normally if you just take a few minutes to enjoy that massage. Massage doesn’t decrease the lactic acid which is often taken for post workouts” says Nelson Gomez .

Professional athletes know well the benefits of massage and many of them visit a massage therapist on a regular basis. Check any locker room after a professional game and you’ll find several massage therapists working on the athletes.

Consider all of the movies you’ve watched that show a massage therapist giving an athlete a massage. Why? Because that is really what happens. The athletes know well the benefits of massage and so do the trainers and the coaches.

Therefore they take the time to get that massage and are much less sore the next day. In just 10 short minutes, the massage can undo all of the pain and inflammation that is caused by the sports event or the workout.

Those 10 minutes are medical marvels and when you consider all the pain and inflammation that the person working out endures, you’re talking about a great healer in lieu of pain medications or anti inflammatories.

Everyone who works out can greatly benefit from a short 10 minute massage. It may make the difference between walking normally the next day and having muscles that are so sore you can barely walk. Don’t worry about others who are laughing that you’re a wimp, if a professional athlete gets a massage, you should too. Let them laugh, they’ll be the ones sore the next day and then you can laugh.

Thai Massage

No matter where you live you most likely see plenty of massage parlors and spas. They are a common occurrence in most countries. But if you were to visit Thailand the word massage takes on a whole other meaning.

If you were to walk along the streets of the city of Phuket you would notice rows and rows of chairs lining the sidewalks. These chairs are accompanied by footstools and this is where hundreds of tourists take a foot massage. Thai women bend over to provide the massage but this is only one of the types of massages offered in Thailand.

The art of foot massage is also known as reflexology and has roots which go back hundreds of years. It has origins in China where the Chinese believed that areas of the feet where connected to specific body parts and organs.

Today people enjoy a foot massage in Thailand for many reasons. Their feet are tired after a long day of work or standing. Tourists are tired from walking and shopping all day and a good foot massage is a way to relax afterwards.

Most Thai women perform a foot massage using massage oils and these oils also help your body to de-stress. If you have never tried a foot massage then you really should, the benefits are wonderful and it helps to lift your mood.

In Phuket you will also notice lots of straw mats in various locations. These could also be on the sidewalks, at the hair dressers or in a local beauty spa. Straw mats are used for performing the traditional Thai Massage method.

This type of massage involves the use of pressure and is done while you are still wearing your clothes, loose clothing is recommended. It is not uncommon for the Thai woman to walk on your back or use her entire arm for additional pressure.

A Thai Massage is a unique experience and if you are planning on visiting Thailand then put this on your wish list. If you visit the beaches in Thailand you will also notice many people setting themselves up and offering massages.

Many of these beach type massages offer other beauty related treatments as well. This can be a wonderful experience while enjoying the sun and beautiful views of a Thai beach.

Of course you will find both higher and lower end types of massages available in Thailand. If you stay in a luxury hotel they will no doubt offer massages at a much higher price. Or, if you prefer, you can find local women offering massages in various locations around the city.


Thai Massage

If you have ever thought about going for a massage you will understand that once you start looking into this your choices are huge. A massage is definitely not just a massage anymore.

Below you will find several different types of massages which are available with a short explanation of each.

Swedish Massage: This is actually one of the most well known massage methods today. It is often referred to as the traditional massage method where the therapist will long smooth strokes along with kneading and circular type movements to perform the massage. It is usually done with some type of massage oil or lotion.

Aromatherapy Massage: This type of massage is done by using aromatic or essential oils such as lavender. Essential oils are known to help a person relax. This method is often recommended for anyone dealing with a lot of stress or emotional issues.

Hot Stone Massage: This method involves the use of heated stones which are then placed in strategic places on your body. The warmth from the stones helps to relax you and to loosen up tight muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage: This type of massage helps a person who is recovering from an injury or who is dealing with deep tissue and muscle pain. Slower massaging strokes are used and many patients will feel sore for a couple of days afterwards. It has been shown to be extremely helpful for relieving tight and stiff muscles.

Shiatsu:  This form of massage has its roots in Japan and uses a rhythmic pressure sequence on specific areas of your body. Firm pressure is used but not as much as the pressure used for a deep tissue massage.

Thai Massage: This method is much more energetic than Shiatsu and requires that you move your body into different positions. More pressure is also used and it is not uncommon for the therapist to use their feet to apply greater pressure.

Prenatal Massage: This type of massage must be performed by someone who has been trained specifically in this area. Prenatal massage can be used to help reduce swelling, alleviate pain and soreness and to reduce stress and anxiety.

Reflexology: This is known as foot massage and consists of using pressure points in the foot which corresponds to an organ. This is a very relaxing method and can be easily learnt.

Sports Massage: This is perfect for anyone who is involved in sports or who just leads an active lifestyle. This massage method focuses on preventing injuries by keeping your muscles relaxed and loose.

As you can see there is a good variety of massage options to choose from. If you are planning on your first massage you may wish to choose the traditional Swedish massage as this will be less stressful on your body. As your progress you may want to advance to a Thai massage as this method lasts longer and has huge health benefits associated with it.



Thai Massage

As you age you tend to slow down and often get so carried away caring for your family that you forget about your own health. Many women will often neglect themselves until their children have left home. Then one day they spy themselves in the mirror and wonder what happened!

We are sure you can easily relate to this, the good news is that you can do something about it. Your health is important and it is never too late to start getting in more exercise and eating healthier. Another way you can pamper yourself and make yourself feel younger is by taking a massage at a spa or beauty parlour.

If you have never experienced a massage before you will be in for a treat! They are relaxing and you will leave the spa feeling like a million bucks, and wondering why you never treated yourself to one before.

There are various types of massage available today and some have roots that date back thousands of years. One of these ancient massage types is Thai massage and it is a little different from the normal type of massage that you may be thinking of.

A Thai massage uses pressure from the practitioner and they will often use their hands and feet on your body. This is actually not painful at all if performed correctly and can help alleviate many types of health issues and ailments.

A Thai massage is done while you are wearing loose fitting clothing, another reason why some older people prefer it. Plus no oils or creams are used, just applied pressure. This type of massage often lasts for one hour and many people take a massage for 90 minutes at a time. If you are new to massages you may want to work your way up to this length of time.

During your massage session your practitioner or therapist will place your body into different positions. Many of these poses will remind you of yoga poses. If you have any health concerns it is important to let your therapist know. This way they can be treated during your massage session.

Other types of massage include those where you are completely undressed and then wrapped in a towel. Aromatic oils and creams are often used as well. In addition there are hot massages and Swedish massage methods. This is why it is important to look into your massage choices ahead of time. You don’t want to book the wrong type of massage and then be embarrassed or upset with your experience.

If your children have recently left home then a wonderful massage is the perfect way to make yourself feel younger again. You may even find that you enjoy your massage so much that they become a regular feature in your lifestyle, why not take your husband along too?